Cotton yarns are great for interior accessories - coasters, table runners, place mats, bowls, bags... ITO's three cotton qualities, classic Gima 8.5 and new kids Mizu and Zome Gima couldn't be more different and make combined for interesting and unusual results wabi-sabi style!

ITO Zome Gima

There are two new special additions to the ITO assortment: ITO Zome Gima and ITO Mizu.
Both yarns follow the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi and are quite unusual for western knitters for sure.

ITO Serishin

Developed in Japan the long-awaited new palette of 10 colors for ITO Serishin has arrived!

ITO Gima 8.5new colors 2016

ITO spring collection 2016 brings new colors! ITO Gima 8.5 is coming in six new trendy shades. ITO Washi gets two new anticipated colors: Denim refines the blue hues and Enji adds a classic red. Both qualities are available from January 15th 2016.

Accessory Yarn Masaki

Accessory Yarn MASAKI is the new art-yarn-line of the Japanese fashion label M&KYOKO. The unusual collection includes 24 qualities that surprise by innovative materials and special structures. Modern high-tech fibers, such as holographic nylon ribbon meet classic high-grade natural fibers such as silk, mohair and alpaca. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship and manufacturing methods are transferred into contemporary yarns.


There are 20 new colors for the favourite qualities AWAYUKI, KINU & SENSAI.

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