ITO Mizu

  • 620 Chili Pepper
  • 621 Denim
  • 622 Pool Green
  • 623 Madder

is an untwisted cotton yarn. While running through the dye bath, the strand absorbs the color only superficialyl. The color is fixed only slightly afterwards. While knitting, the color already breaks open and the raw white cotton strand becomes visible. The color rubs off a little while knitting and bleeds out slightly during washing. This effect is intended, the garment acquires a used look.

ITO Mizu is washable. We recommend hand wash, but separate from other textiles. Available in 4 colors.



100% Cotton
Yardage (Meter / Yards): 
25 g ~ 85 m / 93 yds
Recommended needle size: 
4 - 8 号 (3,3 - 4,5 mm) / US 3 - 7
Care instruction: 
hand wash; please wash separately, color bleeds out slightly.

The yarn has a slight bias. For straight pieces, you should only use well balanced knit-purl stitch patterns (garter, rib, moss).



Patterns with this yarn: 
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