New Pattern Books

New: Japanese Stitch Dictionaries

YUKI No. 5

Turtlenexk Slipover made with AYM Konpeito, ITO Awayuki and ITO Shio.

Zome Gima

Mechanically imprinted cotton yarn with bicolored spots

ITO MOKUSEI by Claudia Eisenkolb

by Claudia Eisenkolb for ITO in our sock yarn ITO Kido (100% wool)

YUKI No. 4

Two-Way Jacket made with ITO Rokku & ITO Rokku Tennen.

OTSUKI Hat & Scarf Set

No winter worries when you're wrapped up in wool, silk, and mohair!

Traditional steel thread snips from Japan.

ITO Rakuda

Soft and luxurious yarn from a mix of wool and camel fiber.

ITO Knit Kit OSAKA Scarf

ITO Sensai makes this classic scarf both light and warm.