A mid-season top made from ITO Asa and ITO Tebiki - you can't top this for natural fiber!

A bold and playful summer top with ITO Asa, ITO Kinu, ITO Washi, AYM Lemongrass, and AYM Olive.

ITO KOFU Summer Pullover

A light top with 3/4 sleeves in ITO Kinu or ITO Serishin, ideal for summertime evenings.

HIMEJI Gradation Pleats Shawl by Eiji Tanuma

A spring scarf by the Japanese designer Eiji Tanuma made from ITO Kinu!

FUJI Top in ITO Kinu

The perfect summer top made of ITO Kinu!

OSHU Wrap #606 Chili Pepper

The perfect accessory for your elegant summer wardrobe!

BIWAKO Triangular Shawl

A maritime triangular shawl worked in the new spring yarn ITO Zome Gima!

ITO Mizu

ITO Mizu, ITO Zome Gima and the aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

ITO premium quality needles

The in Japan most beloved dark bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks are now available in Europe.