ITO Karei

ITO Karei
ITO Karei
  • ITO Karei
  • Karei-800-Moss
  • Karei-801-Azalea
  • Karei-802-Enji
  • Karei-803-Turquoise
  • Karei-804-OrientBlue
  • Karei-805-Raven
  • Karei-806-Charcoal
  • Karei-807-LightGrey
  • Karei-808-RainyDay
  • Karei-809-White
  • Karei-810-Logwood
  • Karei-811-Chestnut

ITO Karei is a gem in the ITO collection: 100% grade A Mongolian cashmere with a tweed effect of little colored neps. The yarn is woolen spun on a mule spinning system. ITO Karei is outstandingly soft, as mule spinning creates the highest quality yarns. The woolen spinning process makes a warm and cozy yarn due to the air pockets enclosed and it produces more fabric when knitted as a worsted spun yarn. ITO Karei is scoured after spinning, and it will bloom even more after additional washing. Experience pure luxury with ITO Karei. Available in 12 colors

100% Cashmere
Yardage (Meter / Yards): 
25 g ~ 175 m / 191 yds
Recommended needle size: 
ITO No. 4 - 7 号 (3.3 – 4.2 mm)
Care instruction: 
hand wash
Patterns with this yarn: 
AMRUM by K. Schneider
DATE beanie
Individual Patterns
ITO TADAMI Cashmere Scarf
Individual Patterns
Individual Patterns
Hokei II in ITO Kosho - Version 2 Size 2
Individual Patterns
Lina Sweater back
Indie Designs