ITO Kouki

  • 230 Parchment
  • 231 Moonrock
  • 233 Gray
  • 234 Penguin
  • 235 Raven
  • 236 Rose Bud

ITO Kouki is a tape yarn from ramie and silk. Ramie is also called the linen of the east. The plant belongs to the family of nettle plants. The fiber comes from its stem. Ramie is the highest quality bast fiber and has a unique strenght with a silklike shine. The processing of the fiber is extensive and can not be done fully automated, therefore it is cost intense. In the blend with silk ramie gives a high stability so that the knitted fabric does not wear out. Kouki is suitable for the elegant summer wardrobe.

56% Ramie, 44% Silk
Yardage (Meter / Yards): 
50 g ~ 270 m / 295 yds
Recommended needle size: 
2,50 - 3,00 mm / US 1 - 4
Care instruction: 
hand wash
Patterns with this yarn: