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MZ Hot Dye All+

MZ Hot Dye All+

ITO Yarn & Design

Miyacozome HOT DYE ALL+
Hot dye for plant and animal fibers and polyester. Dyes with hot water of 85°C and above. The water needs to be heated once and can cool down during the dyeing process, so that you can dye in a bucket or container. Dyes well on plant fibers like cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, cupra, wood, bamboo and on animal fibers like silk, wool, other animal hair and nylon. Dyes lighter on polyester. For dyeing plant fibers you need salt and it is recommend to use the "Fixing Agent" (sold separately) after dyeing. For dyeing animals fibers you need vinegar, no further fixing necessary. You do not need an auxiliary agent for polyester. If you want to dye polyester darker, you can dye on a stove top and keep the temperature above 85°C for the entire dyeing process and also use "Dye Accelorator" (sold separately). Skin and eco friendly low impact dye. 28 colors

Content: 20 g dyeing powder to dye approx. 250 g of textiles

Please note that the samples on the color card have been dyed on white fabric. On colored textiles the original colors will mix with the dyed color. Dyed colors may also differ depending in the type of textile, the dyeing temperature and time.
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