About ITO

ITO is the Japanese word for yarn.

ITO – Fine Yarn from Japan are fine and special yarns from Japan, a country with a long textile tradition.

The ITO yarn portfolio is characterized by special manufacturing processes, unusual material compositions and an unusual variety of colors. Whether it is dry-grip chenille linen paper yarn with a cotton core, malleable silk with stainless steel, ultra-soft silk mohair yarn, yarn made from bourette silk or particularly fine merino, ITO yarns provide a tactile experience. The high value that paper has in Japanese culture, including for textiles and clothing, is demonstrated by five yarns made from paper or with a paper content.

Our goal is not only to offer exceptional products of the highest quality, but also to ensure that our actions protect the environment, animals and people.

  • Raw materials

    The majority of our yarns are made from renewable raw materials, sustainable fibers or recycled materials. The use of natural materials is not only important from an ecological point of view, but also brings with it special quality features such as moisture regulation and temperature protection. Our range also includes undyed variants. We do not use chemically treated superwash yarns.

    We value consistently high product quality and thus provide the basis for long-lasting products. This supports the slow fashion approach.

  • Animal welfare

    It is important to us that the animals whose wool and hair we use are kept in a species-appropriate manner. This often takes place on extensive, uncultivated areas where alternative use of the land is impossible, for example semi-desert areas. This not only provides the animals with a natural living environment, but also supports the sustainable use of land resources. The areas are left to themselves and no fertilizers are used. In addition, the animals contribute to the natural improvement of the soil as the herd loosens the surface, which allows nutrients to penetrate the soil better. This helps to maintain the ecological balance and minimize the impact on the environment.

  • Supply chains

    We maintain long-term partnerships with traditional, owner-managed companies and are in constant, close contact with them. Regular on-site visits, both to the production facilities in Japan and to farms, give us the opportunity to convince ourselves of fair, resource-saving and sustainable production.

  • Resource efficiency

    Improving our ecological footprint is important to us. That is why we have a lean organizational structure, use shared services and continuously optimize our processes.

    By using renewable energy and optimizing packaging and logistics processes, we strive for sustainable use of resources. We work consistently to reduce waste, sort it and send it to the recycling process. Yarn residues from production are reused.

Compliance and social responsibility

We are committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and to ethical principles and applicable legal standards. In our production facilities in Germany, we create jobs for people with disabilities, promote their professional participation and offer qualification opportunities. Fairness, occupational safety and responsible action are essential for us.

We recognize that our actions have an impact and are committed to doing our part to contribute to a more sustainable future.