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ITO Tetsu

ITO Tetsu

ITO Yarn & Design

  • 61% Silk, 39% Stainless Steel
  • 15g - 246 m / 269 yds
  • JP8 | 4.50mm | US7
  • 22M (10cm)
ITO Tetsu - the yarn for very special creations

The combination of mulberry silk with a stainless steel filament creates a unique yarn with a remarkable “memory” - the knitted fabric retains the shape it is put into.

This absolutely extraordinary yarn opens the door to a world of experimentation and creative design. With its unique properties, ITO Tetsu invites you to push boundaries and explore new avenues.

With a wide range of 18 colors, ITO Tetsu offers endless possibilities for unique knitting projects that are both stylish and technically impressive. 

We recommend gentle hand washing.
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