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ITO Rakuda

ITO Rakuda

ITO Yarn & Design

  • 70% Wool, 30% Camel
  • 40g - 212 m / 231 yd
  • JP4 | 3.25mm | US3
  • 28M (10cm)
ITO Rakuda offers an exquisite blend of high-quality wool and the finest camel hair. The soft underhair of the camel has always been known for its exceptional softness, lightness and fineness and is valued as one of the most precious textile fibers. In combination with wool, it also has an elastic structure that makes it comfortable to wear.

ITO Rakuda not only impresses with its softness, but also with its outstanding warmth properties. The yarn develops its full volume from the first hand wash, so we recommend washing samples before measuring to achieve a precise result. With a palette of 19 classic ITO colors, ITO Rakuda offers endless possibilities for sophisticated knitting projects that are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. 

We recommend gentle hand washing.
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