ITO Yarn Box Small

ITO Yarn Box Small red / gray
ITO Yarn Box Small red / gray
  • ITO Yarn Box Small red / gray
  • Yarn Box Small black
  • Yarn Box Small black / natural brown

1 color outside & inside: black or natural brown

2-colored outside/inside:  red/gray, black/natural brown

Size: 19,0 x 13,5 x 13,5 cm / 7 ½ x 5 ¼ x 5 ¼"

To store small items like up to 4 ITO yarn cones or 8 balls (great for multi-stranded knitting!), post cards, envelopes, pens, scissors etc.

The material: Soft Naoron Soft Naoron is a strong, tearproof and highly water-resistant paper that stays soft and flexible that ages very nicely. Its properties are comparable to thin leather. It is made from wood pulp and polyolefin utilizing the washi-suki paper manufacturing method. It does not emit noxious fumes when burned. Products made of Soft Naoron are suitable for daily use. .

Care Instructions Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth.
No contact with hot items. Do not iron.
Do not wash. Dark colors may change, fade or run out in contact with wet items, but material won’t tear.