Colorwork Series No. 1 Shawl by Cecelia Campochiaro

This generous and cheerful piece is the first of a series of marls-based colorwork shawls. Colorwork Series No. 1 is a shawl using ten base colors worked doubled to create marl stripes. The marl sequence is inspired by traditional colorwork knitting.

The yarn is always held double (the working yardage is 1100 yds), and the pattern is an easy one using sequence knitting 1-row patterns.

The recommended yarns are Ito Kinu or Ito Sensai. The Kinu is more subdued and feels like cotton, while the Sensai is a soft and vibrant silk mohair.

To make your own using one of these yarns you will need 10 cones of Kinu (Sample colors are one each of A–365 Cherry Blossom, B–361 Chili Pepper, C–360 Cayenne Red, D–359 Persimmon, E–355 Caravan, F–492 Lime, G–374 Pool Green, H–394 Aqua, I–392 Capri Blue, and J–391 Violet) OR

12 balls of Ito Sensai (Sample colors are 2 A–303 Cherry Blossom, 1 B–309 Red, 1 C–310 Carrot, 1 D–301 Cream, 1 E–691 Mustard, 2 F–306 Lemon, 1 G–342 Pool green, 1 H–324 Pale Blue, 1 I–327 Capri Blue, 1 J–314 Prune).

Yarns in this pattern