BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery Pattern

BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery
BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery
  • BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery
  • BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery
  • BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery
  • BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery

The Bamboo Leaf pattern is a small decorative embroidery design for pillowcases, clothing or simply as a wall hanging in the embroidery frame. Thanks to the silk embroidery thread ITO Iki, the embroidered image has a beautiful shine that changes with light and thus creates light and shadow effects. The monochrome version in grey looks almost like a watercolor painting. The variations in green tones are more naturalistic. The pattern gets more depth by using light and dark hues, even if they are chosen abstractly.
The pattern contains all information about colors and stitches used, as well as the template for copying to the fabric, which can of course also be enlarged or reduced.


Embroidery pattern approx. 8,5 cm x 7,6 cm (3,3'' x 3'')


Embroidery Thread
ITO Iki (100% silk; ~ 80 m / 87 yds per spool)

A: #1206 Smoke Gray
B: #1230 Aqua, #1224 Camel, #1225 Olive
C: #1201 String, #1224 Caramel, #1226 Lizard, #1227 Pool Green, #1228 Grass, #1229 Pacific
D: #1212 Billard, #1215 Electric Blue, #1216 Prune, #1217 Purple, #1218 Pale Blush, #1219 Plum, #1220 Red, #1222 Tangerine, #1229 Pacific, #1231 Lemon, #1232 Sunflower


ITO Quilting Needle for embroidering (smallest size)
Embroidery Hoop approx. 12 cm (4 ¾'') diameter
ITO Cotton153 fabric approx. 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8'')
Pen for transferring the design to the fabric, we recommend a self-extinguishing trick marker or an easy washable fabric marker
Light table or window for transferring the design to the fabric


Embroidery Stitches
Stem stitch
Satin stitch


Yarns in this pattern