ITO Serishin with a new palette of 10 colors and packaging!

ITO Serishin

Developed in Japan the long-awaited new palette of 10 colors for ITO Serishin has arrived! Furthermore Serishin gets an updated image too. As usual for other ITO qualities Serishin is on cones of 50 g each, the yardage changes to 290 m / 317 yds as of now.

Serishin has a complex traditional Japanese production process: first the threads placed parallel to each other, then pulled through a bath to connect them. The result is a flat silk yarn, by and by the temporary connection resolving itself. Knitted it forms a very soft and fluid fabric. Normally the yarn is dying after the bath.

Fort the new Serishin ITO went an experimental path: the silk is dying before the bath, therefore it keeps its noble sheen and gets Changé effect with minimal different shades.