ITO BAMBOO LEAF Embroidery Pattern

The Bamboo Leaf pattern is a small decorative embroidery design for pillowcases, clothing or simply as a wall hanging in the embroidery frame. Thanks to the silk embroidery Yarn ITO Iki, the embroidered image has a beautiful shine that changes with light and creates light and shadow effects. The monochrome version in grey looks almost like a watercolor painting. The variations in green tones are more naturalistic. The pattern gets more depth by using light and dark hues, even if they are chosen abstractly.

YUKIKO Triangular Shawl AYM Kokedama #11 Pink

This is the perfect project for beginners, who want to try their hands on triangular shawls!


As promised, another free ITO Rakuda pattern for you! The MITAKA scarf pattern is so simple it is suitable even for absolute beginners, yet the result is chic and stylish.

ITO IWAKI Wrist Warmers

We’re super excited about our new yarn line, ITO Rakuda, a dreamy mix of wool and camel fiber. It is gloriously soft and full-bodied, plumping up nicely during its first dip in the handwash bucket.

ITO wants to spread the excitement with two free patterns for Rakuda. First up, IWAKI Wrist Warmers. You know what they say: “Cold hands, warm heart.” Now you can have warm hands, too! This super simple pattern can be whipped up in no time with just one cone of ITO Rakuda.


Cotton yarns are great for interior accessories - coasters, table runners, place mats, bowls, bags... ITO's three cotton qualities, classic Gima 8.5 and new kids Mizu and Zome Gima couldn't be more different and make combined for interesting and unusual results wabi-sabi style!

Japanese Knitting Pattern - Graph

The basics of Japanese Knitting Patterns are explained in this introductory article.

Cooperation ITO & Jana Huck / Scarf Rheindrops

Inspired by the minimalistic elegance of Japanese Design Jana Huck created three scarfs in cooperation with ITO yarns. The designs inspire to playful experimentation and convince by their absolute modernity.

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